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I wanted to write this journal for a long while now.
A lot of people ask me what art software I use, and/or what's the best choice, so I'll try to cover everything in this journal.

Paint Tool SAI is arguably the most widely used art software by casuals and professionals. I used it for a long time too.
However, from my personal experience I have reason to believe that by now SAI is no longer worth it: it still gets the job done but I find it obsolete and here's why.

  • Lack of tools

When it comes to tools, SAI is fairly poor for today standards.
Few brushes, few textures (please note that we're not taking in consideration custom ones created by the community, we're staying vanilla here), no filters, no polygon tools, no text tools, low layers limit, baraely customizable UI, if you do more than drawing a generic OC for your "ask me anything" average tumblr blog, you're more than likely going to need a secondary software to add things that SAI can't let you do.
There "currently" is a SAI 2 in developement, which adds part of such features, but I'll explain why it's still not going to be worth it.

  • Bugs

In many occasions, to a relevant bunch of users (which means not everyone), SAI would come up with various errors and left with little to no clue of why or what to do about it. One example I can recall is an annoying popup that would constantly prompt you for something being broken while you were browsing for files to open. Most users (and especially the not so techy ones) would just think the program is going to explode, perhaps. The reason of that is that when browsing, SAI generates thumbnails for easier view. Too bad that it would fail to load .png thumbnails, and start shooting errors at each met one.
Or, another one: in certain versions of the software (it is still unknown to me which ones exactly, most likely old ones), the transparency support was fully broken. That means that when you went and tried to save your png drawing that was meant to have a blank background, you'd still get a white canvas. Oh, and there's no .gif support.

  • Poor compatibility

I honestly don't like apple devices, but I acknowledge they're used enough to deserve compatible versions of the software. Well, if you got a mac you got to run SAI via wine. It is not a big problem, but it shouldn't be necessary in first place.
Same thing probably goes for Linux, but Linux is not loved enough. That's another story.
Also, as mentioned earlier, it does not support .gif.
MS Paint does.

  • SAI 2 is not going to be a big deal

Although as previously mentioned, SAI v.2 is not going to make a big difference. The devs indeed added something, but it's still far from any other art software of major relevance. It is just in beta and the developement started in 2011!!
I did try it out a few years ago and there was really not much to see.
I would like to say more about SAI 2, but... it does not launch at all on my windows 8.1. Which is awesome.

  • Price

This is the worst part. Paint Tool SAI is a program born in 2008, and its price has never gone down. It was and it still is 5400 JPY, which equals (at the time I'm writing this) to 43.69 US$ (38.50€).
The program itself in my opinion is not worth more than 20$.

Other (and better) software for art?

Practically any, but I cannot give complete reviews of others except one, as I haven't tried them. I however would like to point out at the prices of the few ones I know;

Open Canvas 6: It looks pretty neat. Has a function to record the progress of your art to replay. It looks equipped with a good bunch of tools and features. 59 US$ (39$ on steam summer sales now)
Corel Painter Essentials: I don't know much about this one, but I've seen people using it and they seem happy about it. 45~50$ (pro version costs a fuckton of money)
Photoshop: Best photo editing software (read again, photo editing. NOT drawing), but you have to sell a kidney for it. 200, 300, 500$... the hell I know
Clip Studio Paint / Manga Studio 5: Awesome. This is what I use and never looked back. From my personal experience this is the best art software you can get.  It has:
  • Everything SAI has
  • Mac version
  • Polygon tools
  • Gradients
  • Not sure how many layers but I've gone over 300 and didn't get cap, so probably more than that
  • swatches for intermediate, approximate colors
  • sub view for reference pictures
  • a good amount of filters such as blur types, pinch, wave, whirlpool, zigzag, mosaic... etc.
  • many rulers (perspective, parallel, concentric circle, symmetrical, curve, linear, ruler pen...)
  • a lot of brushes, customizable and they can be sorted in tabs within the window. It's also easy to create them
  • Good amount of textures, also screentones, everything sorted into folders and categories with tags for fast search
  • Very customizable interface, each window is detachable and can be sorted in any way
  • Light and dark theme, with adjustable intensity
  • Text tools, balloon tools
  • Deep-in brush customization to the smallest setting like only photoshop does
  • Grid
  • Auto actions (basically macros)
  • Brightness to opacity conversion (this is a life saver for traditional artists)
  • per-tool stabilization (tool pressure, pen weight)
  • EDIT: As of mid 2016, ANIMATION FEATURE!!!
  • Even more than this
48 $ (There is EX version which comes with manga panels and other tools for Manga creation, but that's a whooping 210$. The main reason to want this is probably because it allows unlimited animation, while pro version only gives 24 frames.)
            But! They put it on sale many times during the year (every ~2 months?) up to 60% off, so it gets even more convenient!
However, it doesn't support .gif either. Goddamn it, MS Paint!

Now, don't get me wrong. You are free to use any software you want. Even SAI, I'm not saying it's shit. I'm not telling you to dump it and get csp/ms. It would be a good idea in my opinion, but it has a little bit of learning curve and with this journal I only wanted to cover most questions I get regard choosing what software to use.
My advice is that if you're planning to get a license, you should think twice before buying a software when with a few more bucks you can get a superior one.

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    MisterDharc Featured By Owner 9 hours ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
    I wouldn't pay for Sai, but getting it is worth it.
    I'll tell you one thing, Clip Studio Paint being the fastest program isn't actually true. I have Photoshop CS6 and can tell you that if you simply adjust a few under the hood settings in performance, you can make Photoshop brushes as responsive as Sai so long as you don't have shit RAM.
    Speaking of lagless brushes, that's why I've gone back drawing with Paint Tool Sai even though I've used Clip Studio Paint for over 2 years. Lagless speed and responsiveness will make drawing faster, and cleaner and as result feel more enjoyable. It's literally bumped up my both my speed and my ability to draw things accurately to a point where something that would've taken me half a week to make would only take me a day.
    Even though people rag on Paint tool sai about not having texture brushes, I've never found that to be a problem as I was very easily able to make a texture brush and a texture marker brush that both great for sketching and painting as long as you know how to paint decently. The only reason I keep Clip Studio around is that I still haven't fully figured out Photoshop and I have custom texture brushes and tools(such as screen tones and speech balloons) that I need to make comics with that Sai doesn't have.
    It doesn't matter if the tool is expensive or not, I think once you learn how to draw, all that matters is that the tool doesn't hinder you in any way(brush lag) and has versatile options (transform tools, layers, and some blending modes).
    Anything other than that is just fluff that you won't really use in your workflow.
    Unreal-Forever Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
    There is a lot of truth in what you say, SAI is missing many tools, textures and brushes, but that will only affect those who use these resources a lot.
    I almost do not use custom brushes, much less if they are not the ones I bring by default or unless they are done by myself, the same thing happens with textures (which if I use them enough), but I have created my own texture pack .
    The reason I use SAI is because it is so far the program that has made it easier for me to adapt to my taste.
    And what you said about Photoshop, I'm 100% agree.
    Alektorotelumphobia Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2017  Professional Artisan Crafter
    I've tried most of the free programs, or cheaper programs, but I keep going back to gimp as it's reliable, is almost as good as photoshop, has loads of tutorials, and the customer service is pretty great. Frankly, I'd rather take the time to learn  use the different tools, and improve my work in the long run, than use 'clean lines' and 'simple set up' as an excuse not to push myself. Learning the different tool sets on gimp as given me a key to inspiration to try many different things. When I was using Sai, because it was so simple and basic, my work looked the same and never really changed. Although, I did enjoy the paint feature, I'd frankly rather shell out for ArtRage for the painting aspect and keep gimp for my day to day. Gimp is free and has more features, whereas Sai costs money, is glitchy as hell, and doesn't really push you as an artist much. 
    Just saying, that's my opinion but good on you if you can make Sai your bitch.
    EruwaedhielElleth Featured By Owner May 2, 2017
    If you're looking for alternatives, Paintstorm is fairly new, but it's super cheap ($20 at the moment on Windows and Mac, $13 for Ipad) and it beats Corel Painter for me. It's a little buggy occasionally, but for the price I find it worth it and it's gotten much more stable with the latest release. Plus, it has the best brush customization options I've seen anywhere, and it looks as though it was created by a DeviantArt user, which I think is neat. It has a trial version too, for anyone who cares to give it a try. If you like it, spread the word, I know it could use some publicity, I don't see it mentioned often and it's a great program.
    parakeetLOL Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2017
    Are there any better drawing programs you would recommend that DON'T cost that much? 
    huskythewolfdog Featured By Owner May 18, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
    Medibang. It's free and you can get it on most devices 
    Gameztar Featured By Owner May 9, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
    firealpaca. its free
    purpletenshi Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2017  Professional General Artist
    Medibang and Firealpaca are the same thing/from the same creators. One is tailored for PC (and can even run through steam/be downloaded through steam) and the other is tailored to mobile. It's a neat program that gets regular updates and is completely free. I prefer my Manga Studio, but I also use Firealpaca from time to time (along with SAI and Gimp) 
    Buggabooboo Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
    I don't know if you're keeping this post up to date, but it'd be worth mentioning FireAlpaca as an alternative. It's free, and I think it feels a lot like PaintTool Sai in terms of interface and the way the lines draw.
    Sennik-Dusk Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
    photoshop is now available through Adobe's CC program which is a $10/month subscription for single programs or $49/month for the full adobe suite, if you needed such a repertoire. As someone who uses photoshop for digital painting  I figured it was worth mentioning. 
    notifyneelix Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2017  Student Digital Artist
    I switched over to SAI2 last year after the developer finally added full saving functions. Since then, it's had a ton of updates that have brought it up to spec with a lot of other programs out there - bigger canvases, more in depth brush settings, rulers, text and shape tools, gradient tools, blur, etc. etc. All of the basics, which suits my needs. I have a feeling if I switched to something like Photoshop, I'd ignore 90% of the tools because a lot of it seems like fluff as far as digital painting goes. (which now, reading some of your comments, you might agree x3) SAI has also has the most responsive pen pressure sensitivity and blending in my (admittedly limited) experience.

    A little disclaimer that I'm biased because I learned how to draw on SAI. I know the program back and front, so my work comes out better than it does in other programs (which is literally just a learning curve, I know.) But overall I've been very satisfied with the updates to SAI2 and feel like it's a much better program for professional work than it used to be. It also can be noted that in regards to SAI2, the customer service is pretty good. I had some problems initially with files corrupting when I saved them, but the developer helped me figure out that the problem was with saving PSDs to Google Drive, which confused the program into thinking the file was in use and therefore couldn't be opened or written to. Once I put a PSD folder on my computer instead, I stopped having problems. I haven't had any other bugs since switching to SAI2.

    At some point I'll give a more dedicated effort to trying something new, but for now I'm good with SAI2. I payed for it years ago, I know how to use it, it's there. I'll admit I mostly use SAI because it's convenient. But I have to say, after going back to the original to compare it to SAI2, I was pretty darn unimpressed. The most recent level of updates has made a huge difference.
    TakuyaRawr Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2017
    It's good to know they're doing at least something to make such high price worth it.
    DrawingGirl4 Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2017  Hobbyist Filmographer
    Hey idk but I've heard rumors that Clip doesnt have as many Brush options as Sai?

    What do you think of that?
    DrawingGirl4 Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2017  Hobbyist Filmographer
    Wow. There are TONS of brush settings. Sorry to make you facepalm its just that an artist I knew made a video and stated that "CSP is limited in brush settings"
    Azurewhitewind Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2017  Student General Artist
    I've been using SAI since like 2009, and I agree, it's very outdated now.  I don't think SAI is bad, but, I ended up using a different program most of the time. I use manga studio 5 and medibang paint pro now, which it has bugs, but it's being updated a lot, and medibang paint pro is pretty nice for a free program. 

    I still sometimes use SAI for painting, and since I made custom brushes for it two years ago I still use those too, but either medibang paint pro or manga studio 5 might be my main program now. I agree that manga studio 5 is worth the money, I also own manga studio 4 for comics and it's really nice.

    Anyway, I agree with everything you said and artists can just try out whatever is comfortable to them, whether it's gimp or photoshop, what matters is that it gets the job done, and that they enjoy using the program regardless of price. x3 Thank you for sharing this journal, I enjoyed reading it. :)
    purpletenshi Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2017  Professional General Artist
    I'm pretty much in the same boat atm as far as what I use, and how I got there.

    CSP/Manga Studio was a bit of a monster for me at first though because my original forays into digital mediums were GIMP and SAI; which are undeniably more simple, especially back in 2008/2009 - but now that I've more recently bit the bullet and started learning more about it, as well as actually spending time in it, I actually PREFER it to SAI, and find it's tools and painting capabilities to be equal to, if not superior to, SAI - with a ton more functionality.  

    A friend of mine described it (Manga Studio/Clip Studio Paint) as the perfect love child of Paint Tool SAI and Photoshop - designed for artists and illustrators, rather than photo editers - and I have to agree.

    Admittedly, I've never paid for any of the programs I use, but Manga Studio has turned out to be SO impressive to me that I plan on buying the official version soon - I think it's completely worth the price. 
    ChokingOnAPencil Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
    You forget that most artists are broke, lol.
    Sai is cheaper over here, or at least it was when I bought it. I had to wait a year and a half to go from Paint.NET to Sai. A year and a half. 
    I would've gotten something else, but surprise surprise, it's all hella expensive. £30 for an art program was a nasty stretch as it was.
    But hey, if you're gonna complain about art programs, why not make your own? I'm being both sarcastic and serious.
    You go and make a circle tool for Sai and I'll pay you a tenner. 
    IAmLeFrosti Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
    CSP and SAI are literally five dollars in difference (according to this post. Personally, where I am they're both 50.) Plus CSP has sales which lowers it to about twenty two dollars, or 17 pounds or so.

    elpsys Featured By Owner Edited Jan 23, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
    ......well ok.......
    TakuyaRawr Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2017
    elpsys Featured By Owner Edited Jan 23, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
    for me paint tool sai is the first program of drawing that i had i have tested medibang pro (the blur is just horrible for shading) and adobe flash (yeah quite good but...) and i search other thing to test for maybe find a "better" program to use OR another program that is easy to use for me like SAI i accept what'cha think of sai but the bugs never happends for me and few texture and brushes.....ok it's  true (for vanilla) but there's A LOOOOOT of setting so for me again the textures and thing like this is not a problem for me.....i think that's all

    (BUT IF I CHANGE OF PROGRAM THEN I WILL NEED TO RE-INSTALL ALL OF MY SWATCHES ;-; (take the color and put them into the's took me 1h...) )

    EDIIIIT : i tested clip studio

    (...golly you actually...."answer me")
    TakuyaRawr Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2017
    I also started drawing on SAI in 2010, when CSP was released I just moved. 

    While I don't use them, you may want to know that CSP has many color sets provided by the community, downloadable from within the software itself.…
    elpsys Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
    wow thank..(lot of colors!) i just tested CSP....yeah it's like SAI...mhh...i think im gonna move.......(i was not expecting you to awnser me too....)
    DrawingGirl4 Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2017  Hobbyist Filmographer
    Hey just wanted to update you and say that the stabilizing and pen pressure issue was solved! Turns out it was just N-Trig being N-Trig and not the program. Once I switched to Wintab, my drawing experience was so much better and far superior. No freezes no lag, easily my favorite!

    Honestly, I feel like Microsoft's Ntrig is only for those who design houses and buildings and photo manipulation for art. There is just so much the Surface products lack. I am thinking of possibly getting the dial in the future however. It removes the need to get an Intous Pro and seems pretty useful (I don't use pen tilt so I don't need it)

    Also, can you update this to include Paintstorm? It is a paid art program and has everything Sai has and more. The linework sucks but its more for painting than drawing, it's obscure but needs recognition.
    TakuyaRawr Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2017
    Congrats, but this is not a comprehensive list of all the art software out there and I'm not dedicated to update it. I just named a few I knew, you're free to post an insight about it if you wish though. Someone will read it for sure
    DrawingGirl4 Featured By Owner Edited Jan 20, 2017  Hobbyist Filmographer
    I don't think so. Nobody cares about my DA. It kind of depresses me because even though I know I am not the  best, and suck compared to you, Mx Bones, Borodante, Mike Crilley etc, just the fact that no one gives me criticism dissapoints me. Sure, YT tutorials help, but I feel like it would be better to look at my art and the flaws it has to improve. My newer art (Which I haven't posted yet) is already far better than my shit art on my Spectre 3X60 and basic stylus, but I know that there are ways I can improve. It also sucks because I was actually thinking of making a journal about my digital art journey from May 2016 to Jan 2017 since there are many insights and perspectives I don't see as I'm one of the few beginners who own and have experience with a lot of this software, but again, no one cares. I know it's not the art quality because I always see images I made 3 years ago back when I had a mouse and used MS Paint that has tons of comments and favorites. They suck but they get views because, MLP. But I'm not interested in that anymore, now I want to talk about art, software, and make original work..And I dislike DA too much to want to try and gain an audience.

    I know alternatives do exist, but Pen.Up has barely anyone talking, Ello needs a serious website change and more organization, and Tumblr has tons of SJWs and psychopaths.
    TakuyaRawr Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2017
    free to post an insight here

    I understand the problem, though. I also drew MLP commissions, they were always featured on daily equestria and got highly appreciated, although I have never cared about MLP in the slightiest.
    Popular subjects unavoidably lead to popularity. To be able to be noticed with originals you have to be very good at drawing, that's why it's not the best way to build an audience for beginners.
    I did and still do fanart, but that's because I have some personal problems when it comes to develop original characters.
    I think dA is still the best platform to get yourself known, though. I fully agree with tumblr being a shitnest and I wouldn't touch it with a stick.
    I believe the best way to get followers in here is to draw fanart and throw a few originals inbetween, but what helps the most is to submit art to groups. To lots of them. dozens, a hundred even.
    DrawingGirl4 Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2017  Hobbyist Filmographer
    That seems like a good idea. I guess I could do fan art of shows I like and have been meaning to draw lately and put originals in between.
    Also my main insight is:
    Sai is very outdated, but was good for me as a beginner, it helped me experiment and even though my blending sucked, it had a lot of tools in the trial.

    Krita is a fantastic painting program, but it sucks for drawing. The stabilizer meant for painting simply can't mimic a stabilizer for drawing since drawing and painting, in many ways, are as different as stories are screenplays.. Sure, both are meant to describe something and be cinematic, but they are still done in very different ways. Painting is grabbing color and blending, and mixing to get your shape, while drawing is sketching and doing complex details to  get your shape. So a stabilizer that has you decide every aspect  of your stroke isn't good for drawing because drawing only requires smooth lines and at most, a tapor affect. The interface is always inadequate for a drawing program since the interface is based how your palete and tools are in the top with brushes in the bottom like traditional painting, unlike drawing where everything is in the bottom. So as a beginner, it was infuriating to work with since I was using it wrong. But now that I have changed and use it for painting, I love it. It's much more intuitive as a painting experience and gives my work extra texture that CSP lacks in some areas. I really like it since it gives my art a Disney feel (Complex backgrounds, cartoony/simple characters.

    FireAlpaca is good but the white interface hurts my eyes and there were very few brushes to play with. Sai is also like this, but the brushes had more blending ability so it wasn't noticeable.
    Once I switched to Medibang, my art had a huge shift. The stabilization is great and felt so smooth and natural. It was black, so it was easier on my eyes. The cloud has TONS of really nice brushes and I love all of them! The oil brush and acrylic brush were always my favorite. The interface is very dynamic and simple, but there are several cons. Unlike Sai, the the brush slider or choosing of brushes was very unintuitive. In Krita, it can work since it's on the top and is very easy to see, as well as the fact that Krita's is more organized, precise, and multi layered, but on Medibang, it was very  hard to work with. For drawing, I prefer the Sai/CSP dots since it's very efficient and quickly gives an image of my brush. The slider, unless organized by Krita, feels too broad and inefficient, and I basically had to guess a majority of the time. Coloring of characters was fine, but painting in Medibang sucks because the brush settings are too basic, and this was back before I gave Krita a chance as well as the fact that 3.0 doesn't work with my crappy N-Trig stylus. I also loved the fact that it has cloud storage, since my PC was fairly low on storage at the time.

    I also received Photoshop and many of the brushes range from useful to not useful, although some I really did like. I like it better for editing obviously since it is far more intuitive than Gimp (In fact, as I improve, I need to use it for editing more.) But I dislike it for painting as I find that the brush boxes are really weird. Most of the time when you see an image for a brush, there is no text that tells you what type of brush it is. This is bad because many of the brushes are accessible in pencil, painting, and mixing, so it is very confusing. The only panel that does have text only shows an image of the basic brush image used to create the brush and not a proper brush image. Overall, nice brushes, but too laggy, confusing non intuitive interface (Krita at least has the excuse that it's LINUX) and the customizing isn't as dense as Krita.

    Clip Studio Paint. My second paid program. 

    The program came with an incredibly confusing and ugly interface very hard to use. So many panels and features made drawing impossible since it was very hard to focus on my Canvas. Due to CSP not recognizing the stylus, my strokes weren't smooth and I was very torn. I was wondering if I should keep using CSP or get Sai.

    Eventually, I got a new stylus which supposedly was more advanced and the strokes were awful which lead to me being very sad. I took it to a tech guy and he said that there could'nt be a universal stylus and that it is best to just get a pad Intous tablet. My Mom was pretty mad since she bought me the computer so I would'nt have to get one, but eventually we agreed to getting an Intous draw.

    At first my drawings weren't very good, but after several weeks, it felt very natural. I love the drawing sounds it makes. I also loved actually having pen pressure, and I felt I just had so much accuracy and control that just wasn't there previously.

    I also found that once I changed the workspace size and customization, I fell in love with CSP. After it became smaller, the size of the menus was no longer an issue, and I can customize it in anyway imagineable. Not only that, but there are TONS of brush settings, and a great new Asset feature that lets you download 3D models and brushes. Not only are there tons of amazing ink brushes just as good as Medibang, but even Ink brushes just like Sai as well as brushes just like Sai. This program has everything you need for drawing, and I flip between it and Krita a lot. 
    HelloKittyGirl11 Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2017  Hobbyist Photographer
    My dad got me Clip Studio Ex for Christmas because it was about 60% off ($87 but the discount is what made him jump on it) and I have to wait to save up for a tablet before I can really use it on my computer, but so far it looks really good! But I have always seen Paint Tool Sai and one of my favorite speed artists on youtube uses it and at the moment I am able to afford it so I was googling whether it was worth it. I figured I'd use one for idk lining and one for coloring because I see people do that. I have Autodesk Sketchbook Pro which is really nice too. I'm really glad I stumbled across this journal because I don't think I'll be buying Paint Tool SAI then. I can't believe this journal got so much hate tho haha
    TakuyaRawr Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2017
    You're welcome. If you can afford SAI then you're almost able to afford an entry level wacom tablet, which is a much better purchase.
    LightSide-Lucree Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2016  Student General Artist
    I actually used to have Manga Studio, but it was on an old computer. As as kid, I thought it would be easy to pick up; however, I took for granted the tools that would actually help me out in my current career path and found the learning curve too complicated. If I read this at 16 years old, I would have pitched a fit and went, "Wah, SAI is so much better, easier, blah blah blah..."

    Now, with my experience? I want my Manga Studio back. I miss it, and I want to give it one more shot. I know it's much better and provides so many more options and tools than SAI; the learning curve is something I can get over with time and tons of practice. Here's the thing: I got SAI free from a friend who swears by it, but I was just as willing to buy it back then because it was the "best" software at the time. Now I'm using it because I have no other choice to at the moment until my next pay (Which goes into the MS fund). That, and my usual software (Adobe Creative Suite 6) keeps crashing on my current computer; it's either buy a new computer (and this one IS new... Well, refurbished, but it broke my tiny bank regardless) or buy new software, which is on my to-do list because I want to try other things aside from Adobe CS6. Like you said, SAI gets the job done, but at this rate, I'd rather work with anything else with more options. $50 can go to anything with more value... Just not SAI. 
    TakuyaRawr Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2016
    Once again proving my point that most people who praise SAI and get mad at this journal aren't even legit.
    My advice is, get on, download the trial and use it to see how your computer deals with it. Every a couple months or so they put it on sale, 50% off (you may even expect one soon, since we're under holidays) and follow their facebook \ twitter. They always announce sales and once it goes down to 25$, get it.
    I recommend picking up CSP over MS because it's actually from celsys, the original developing studio of the software and gets updates earlier than MS from smith micro.
    LightSide-Lucree Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2016  Student General Artist
    Now the last part about CSP being from the original developing studio I didn't know about, but that gives me better reason to give it a shot. Thanks for the tips! I'll have to give it a shot and if my computer handles it well, I know what I'm getting as a late holiday gift to myself. Again, thanks!
    sykaeh Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
    It seems like many people don't realize that it is actually quite acceptable for Paint Tool SAI to update as slow and painfully as it does. Why? Because unlike the rest of the software you've mentioned, it only has a single person running the entire company. I don't expect a single person to compare to a giant corporation like Adobe. So no, it's definitely not going to be the most advanced tool out there, and yes, it is becoming a bit obsolete. It might not have a circle tool because you know what? I sure don't know how to program a circle tool. But, it works well for some people (myself included). I have used every software on the list plus some others except for Open Canvas. I need to put in some more time with Clip Studio though, I bought the insane expensive version about a year back or so and haven't used it enough. Want to create 3D models for reference and perspective tooling when I get around to creating a graphic novel I have in mind. (have you used Cosmigo Pro Motion? It's specifically only for pixel art, takes extensive time to learn but seems really nice) 

    Found this on google looking for comparisons of original SAI and the version 2 beta. For me, the features that I have used for the past 6 years in photoshop work for the most part just as well in sai, or for the two features that I use the most, they actually work better in SAI. You can easily compensate for some of it's shortcomings. It's a decent, cheap software. *shrugs* I'm actually that moron who hasn't even bothered trying to install new brushes XD saw one of your comments to someone else and learned that it was a thing lol. I just enjoy using the software personally, it does what I need.
    TakuyaRawr Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2016
    SAI was good back when it was new. 2008, wasn't it?
    Comparing it to photoshop is a common mistake people do, because photoshop is a photoediting software. It's very popular, it sure has lots of plugins, and  you sure can draw on it, but I would never really recommend it for art.
    It's not essentially \designed\ for art, it lacks of features that other drawing-oriented software has. The main thing I can think of is the stroke stabilization. SAI and CSP have it. Potentially other ones too.
    However, I don't find the "one man code" excuse valid enough to justify the price, 50$, which is not cheap, no. That's my main concern. If I were the developer, I would at very least gets my facts straight and acknowledge that my software is far behind others. To be honest, it would be a much better idea to sell it for "name your price". It would heavily reduce piracy (which is basically 90% of the SAI users) and potentially get more people interested in a tool that may be good for beginners.

    Or just make it free, since there's freeware software that offers more.
    sykaeh Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
    I also get the feeling that the dev isn't based in the US and may not even actually care if it's being pirated if it's just a side thing for him. I mean, if he thinks it's worth $50 and some people buy it, that might be fine enough for him. It's not like anyone is forced to buy it, and it's not like he doesn't know that there are other options out there. I don't feel like anyone has a right to have a lower price than what is asked. And personally, I do consider $50 as relatively cheap, especially for software that lasts a lifetime.  

    I also don't think comparing to photoshop is a mistake actually. Art may not be what it was originally designed for, but it has definitely integrated some incredible art tools into itself over the years. It can do just about anything that any other art software can do if you know how except blend. it sucks at blending so hard.
    TakuyaRawr Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2016
    It is indeed japanese.
    It's very unlikely ever going to be cheaper, it's pretty obvious the developer doesn't care about the sales just like he doesn't care about piracy, better software or other major problems with his software. It's basically abandonware after all.
    The lifetime license is pretty much a standard. Adobe is the only company that does that shit, as far as I'm aware.
    My point doesn't change, the software doesn't live up to its price. Spending more to have less is just not logical.
    However, there's a lot of people in this world who don't know how to use their money wisely after all... it can't really be helped.

    The same goes for Photoshop. It has a lot of things, but most people won't ever need half of those. And no, it doesn't have ANYTHING. Plugins don't count, because many aren't even free. Paid DLC's suck :|
    sykaeh Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
    Honestly, all I hear from your arguments is "I don't like paying money for the hard work of others when it comes to software, I think it should just be free if it's not my favorite or the best out there because there are a couple others who make things for free so everyone should put their products that they've spent hundreds or thousands of hours creating out for free"

    Also, I think you meant to say photoshop doesn't have "Everything." I've never used a plug-in or dlc for any art software actually.

    While you might not think buying and using Sai is logical or "wise" for me it greatly helped me increase the quality and fun I have with creating art, and I'd be more than happy to pay double for it.
    TakuyaRawr Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2016
    Yeah, I meant to say everything. I shouldn't have replied at 7 am.
    It baffles me to read though, if after all I've said in the journal and in the comments, after all the praises to shareware, after mentioning I use Clip Studio Paint which is NOT FREE, all you think is I want every software to be free, then I guess I'm wasting my time. Why do I even bother anymore... 
    There is no worse blind man than the one who doesn’t want to see. There is no worse deaf man than the one who doesn’t want to hear. And there is no worse madman than the one who doesn’t want to understand.
    Let's put it simple: I never said it's not logical or wise to use SAI. In this journal I address buying it. Even given that, I do not quite care how you decide to spend your money, regardless of how questionable I may find it. Mankind wastes it everyday. Otherwise, companies like Apple would have no business in this world.

    Many who stumble upon this journal are seeking for an advice on better alternatives, and are thankful for it.
    What I don't want is people who just come here to argue in an attempt to make SAI look like the best choice and totally worth buying because oh my god how dare you talk bad of something I like when I'm giving plenty of reasons for which it's not.
    I get some who defend SAI, and when I give solid counterarguments they rage, get toxic and pull out all their immaturity. Sometimes don't even read all the way, sometimes even block me before I could reply, because they don't want to listen. You know when children shut their ears and go LALALALALALALAL? That sorta behavior.

    Well, I'm kinda fed up with such individuals, they're not the people I mean to help out.
    I've had enough of hearing about points that aren't fair whatsoever, yet people pretend me to accept them, I've had enough of mediocre artists coming to tell me I know nothing about art software as if I'm some random 15yo piece of shit who loves and hates things for no real reason. I'm an experienced digital artist myself, former SAI user and while I'm nowhere near top tier, I wouldn't talk if I didn't know what I'm saying.
    I do not denigrate SAI users but my god they get so annoying sometimes.

    I gave WAY more than enough proof for which SAI isn't worth buying, and thank fuck the majority acknowledges that. If you or anyone else still wants to spend 50, 100 or 7000$ for SAI, shall you do what you want, it's not my money and I don't care.
    Just don't come here and try to belittle me for what I say because you're getting nothing good out of it.
    sykaeh Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
    haha Oh dear I didn't mean to set off a bomb here. I was only referring specifically to your comment on SAI and DLC Plug-ins, not software in general. I do see where that came off wrong though, my apologies. I also apologize if I have come off as belittling, as that is definitely not my intention. I am bad at this "communicating things in understandable ways to others" I fear. I consider using SAI to be the same as buying it, not a fan of pirating software. You misread or I misrepresent my intentions if you feel I am here to argue that SAI is the best choice, because that is not my opinion. I just enjoy using it and wanted to comment that even though "it's definitely not going to be the most advanced tool out there, and yes, it is becoming a bit obsolete" it works for me and I don't think that number of features is necessarily an adequate way to choose or price things. I just wanted to represent that I feel that it might still be viable for some people, even if it has less features and costs a similar price to other options.

    haha were you intentionally calling me a mediocre artist? ;) What can I say, I sure am! But that's okay ^-^ Your art is gorgeous btw.
    TakuyaRawr Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2016
    No, no.
    Was not referring to you when I said "mediocre artists". I'm talking about the ones who presumptuously call me out and insult me about this when I'm better than them at art and have overall more experience.
    Even in that scenario, I don't have the habit of shitting on people who don't draw well. At the opposite, I rather encourage practicing and never giving up. I don't even like criticizing to begin with.

    If you look at some past comments in here you may notice that some people tried real hard to piss me off and it didn't go well, so I have quite a happy trigger on this topic.
    The majority of the ones in denial automatically translated this whole journal (or even just the title, you never know) as a "SAI SUCKS, DON'T USE IT AND GET CSP" propaganda. I am just assuming most of them aren't even legit users.
    SAI works and will always work as long art technology works the way it does at the moment, there's no reason to deny it. Lack of features doesn't mean the software itself is bad. Just old and outdated. All I point at is the fact it doesn't really make sense to spend more to have less, and consequently suggest other stuff.

    My idea about lowering its price or making it freeware is a thought that would make SAI actually viable, or at least it would appear so. I just don't think such a high price isn't a good marketing strategy considering the software age. Then again, as stated before, it doesn't look like the developer is actively working on it, it feels more like "oi this thing is on sale here, get if it ya want" and never looked back at it to review it.

    The concept of expensive is sure partially subjective, but for those who only have one choice of purchase, I think it's smarter to grab something that will definitely last much longer before turning outdated.
    (By the way, CSP just added a portal within the software where to download and automatically install up to 16k materials and counting. Going in the website for that isn't even necessary anymore. 50$/25$ when on sale.)

    I don't know, if they asked me whether I'd want to buy a regular bike or a nice car with lots of gadgets for the same price, I think I'd go for the car.
    And, since I may still want a bike, I would find one that is actually fair priced.
    Bikes are never going to be bad, will they?
    (1 Reply)
    GinToniKIII Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2016
    I don't see why you shouldn't buy SAI over other programs.

    For a 5400JPY price (I actually got it cheaper when the currency converter was in my favor, so it was about 35$), I was more then happy to acquire it above others. Because I didn't and don't want to pay 200$(each)+ for a bunch of programs to work professionally, nor do I want to use bullshit subscriptions like CC has(which is stupid by itself). And since I did have beforehand a cracked CS6 from a programmer, which I did tested out on my Cintiq 13HD, since I skipped the free trials of program that came with it, which did include Corel Painter, MS and others. SAI has something no other program has - simplicity.

    I have mined for info on all the professional and what not programs, starting from prices and ending with the options. SAI won just by the small factor of simplicity.

    Photoshop, Corel, MS etc. all of them have this unpleasant UI that is unintuitive and clogged up. While SAI doesn't have it.
    I didn't have to google to find out what does what in SAI.
    I didn't have to wait for minutes on end for it to load.
    I didn't have stupid unresponsive clicks or laggy input, or drunken UI that doesn't do what you want.
    I didn't have to google on how to make simple brushes and what each option does.
    I didn't have to bother with clunky hotkeys and shortcuts, nor if I miss clicked then I had to use the method of pressing everything to fix it.
    I didn't have to guess what each option actually does or mean.
    And I definitely didn't have to do anything annoying or tedious to make my workflow easier.

    That alone is worth buying SAI.

    Yes SAI doesn't have all those advanced feature that other programs have. Yes it's very hard to paint in it or make some of those post-FX.
    But it does simple lineart and color magnificently, and that's exactly for what I use it. Because in the end all these programs are just tools, and the quality of your work depends on how you are able to use it, and I need something simple as SAI that does what I want.
    And for the 1,5-2 year of using SAI for 80% of my work progress and the other 20% in PS to add effects and edits that SAI can't, I can easily say you should buy SAI if you don't need anything more or less. Just the basics and no bullshit.

    I don't know about bugs and such, the only one that I did have, was actually a problem with the Tablet and my 7-8(actually it's 5, but it has been for so long that I lost count) year old notebook, which was solved by re-plugging my Tablet cord.

    The only con I can give it is that it doesn't come in black.

    Despite that I am aiming at buying Corel Painter for, well, painting and what not. Because I don't want to pay a subscription fee for CC where I will be using just PS. And I would rather use my cracked PS and possibly After Effects too. Because hey, not everyone has an income to justify the purchase, but with Corel I will at least have the potential PS has in custom brushes, painting and such.

    And about the price, if 50$ for a lifetime program with updates is expensive, you might as well reconsider why you need them in the first place.
    I mean, it's like buying a plane to travel to your across the street neighbor, but unless to want to PROFIT from your art, 50$, hell 80$ for a one time buy product is dirty cheap.
    TakuyaRawr Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2016
    I thought I was clear enough but I'll try to address your points. I will bring clip studio paint as main comparison example because it's what I use and I find it currently the best software for art on the market.

    5400JPY price / about 35$
    Clip studio paint is 50$, and they put it on sale at least every 2 months, 50% off. They used to do 60% discount (I infact got it for 15$).
    There's also Krita, which is free, open source, and has more features than SAI. I actually really like it. If I wanted to stay freeware I think that'd been my choice.

    don't want to pay 200$(each)+ for a bunch of programs to work professionally, nor do I want to use bullshit subscriptions like CC has
    Clip studio paint grants a lifetime license. I agree about adobe subscription being dumb.

    I did have beforehand a cracked CS6
    I'm going to stop taking you seriously right here, because you don't seem to feel any sort of shame in talking about pirated software and even publicly claim to own it. Just like 3/4 of the people who use SAI.

    I skipped the free trials
    So you have never bothered to even try other software. Why am I not surprised here?

    I have mined for info on all the professional and what not programs, starting from prices and ending with the options.
    And you didn't try any. 

    SAI won just by the small factor of simplicity.
    That's what all people who want to defend SAI say. It doesn't make up for all what it lacks.

    SAI has something no other program has - simplicity.
    You mean lack of features? Yeah, MS Paint as well.

    all of them have this unpleasant UI that is unintuitive and clogged up
     My Sides by TakuyaRawr
    I know a (back then) 15yo girl who fell in love with CSP and never looked back to SAI. She's not a computer engineer.
    The fact you can open a lot of windows and customize your layout at will doesn't mean you have to

    I didn't have to google to find out what does what in SAI.
    You probably just tried everything to figure out what they do, right? I didn't google a thing to learn clip studio paint either. Every button has tooltips with descriptions and if you really need help to understand, the official website (not google) provides complete user's manuals (not some tutorial on deviantART made by a teenager who mastered the software by trial and error because there's no guide whatsoever).
    I believe that if you bought the retail version, they should come with the box.
    Because yes, they have a retail version as well.
    There's also an OSX version.
    SAI doesn't work on apple devices unless you emulate windows via Wine.

    I didn't have to wait for minutes on end for it to load.
    This is funny. I know that SAI opens almost instantly (it's lightweight, has few features, doesn't the software weight like 10mb?), however, even if your computer is a potato, that's not a valid excuse.
    They sell 64gb SSD on amazon for about 20$ (even external ones if swapping parts to a laptop is too much), and those will get software to open quickly. If you can spend 50 for SAI, you clearly can spend half for a SSD, right?
    (I guess a couple gigs of ram wouldn't hurt either.)
    Or... you could spend 20$ of SSD, 25$ of CSP on sale and get two products for 45$, and yet spend 5$ less than what you'd waste spend buying SAI alone. Magic! :funnydance: 

    I didn't have stupid unresponsive clicks or laggy input, or drunken UI that doesn't do what you want.
    It's unclear to me what you're talking about with this, but it sounds like a personal issue, because nobody I know has ever encountered such problem.
    Again, a potato computer may cause potato performance.
    And no, before you even think about it, I don't own a 1500$ high tier machine, I think my PC can be bought for the price of a ps4 right now.
    Also, "UI that doesn't do what you want" sounds like a "windows xp was the best OS" mindset. Very subjective but unlikely to be true.

    I didn't have to google on how to make simple brushes and what each option does.
    Maybe you had to google how to actually add brushes in SAI, because having to figure out how those stupid ass .BMP files work and how they have to be located in the folder is a pain in the ass. Subjective? Yeah, I guess.
    But on CSP you can import them easily, in a few clicks. You can also sort them in tabs. Give them icons. Edit them within the software.
    Also, again, I didn't google a thing to learn clip studio paint either. And as I said before, if it's really that necessary, there's official manuals downloadable on the official website.

    I didn't have to bother with clunky hotkeys and shortcuts
    Nonsense. Hotkeys and shortcuts are not mandatory, you can actually fully use a software single handed. You said you're a fellow cintiq user, you should know that better. They're just very useful and guess what, customizable.
    Guess what again, I also use a cintiq and I barely use the keyboard when I draw because the shortcuts I use are on the buttons of the tablet itself and the cintiq software offers customizable menus where you can put every shortcut you need and give it a button, and a name. I trust you already know this.

     if I miss clicked then I had to use the method of pressing everything to fix it
    What does this even mean? It sounds like something a 12 years old kid would do while panicking?

    I didn't have to guess what each option actually does or mean
    You already said that and I already replied. Getting educated is a good way to start.

    I definitely didn't have to do anything annoying or tedious to make my workflow easier
    Do you know how much I hated SAI when it came to perspective? Having to draw sketchy lines just to get the guide for it?
    Do you know how much I loved CSP when I found out there's rulers that I can move around freely without having to sketch them myself?
    Or how I can snap to said rulers in order to keep every stroke in said perspective?
    Do you know how much I hated SAI when I had to make a circle? a CIRCLE. MS Paint can make circles.
    Or when I needed to add text? 
    It's almost 2017, do I need to list more examples?

    That alone is worth buying SAI. 
    All what I said is more than enough not to buy SAI.

    SAI doesn't have all those advanced feature that other programs have
    Would you call circle tool advanced?

    it does simple lineart and color magnificently
    So does Krita, for the magic price of 0$.

    quality of your work depends on how you are able to use it
    Yeah, I know that. I used to know a girl called Que Ink who's able to achieve absurd photorealism using Tegaki-E, which is an online drawing board with limited colors, no layers and barely any tool. Probably worse than MS Paint.

    I need something simple as SAI that does what I want
    Concept of simple is subjective, but there's a limit to how simple something can be without turning into a children toy Shrug 

    for the 1,5-2 year of using SAI for 80% of my work progress and the other 20% in PS to add effects and edits that SAI can't, I can easily say you should buy SAI if you don't need anything more or less. Just the basics and no bullshit.
    "Yeah, just get SAI and download photoshop off a torrent, like me! :lel: "
    I used SAI for 3 years and CSP for 4 now, I believe I know what I'm saying.
    You're talking about using SAI along with a professional, far more expensive software photo editing oriented software that you pirated. Which, despite what you said about it, you're still relying to. Illegally. You're denying your own logic.
    You could give a quick look at my gallery (you don't have to, I ain't godly) and take a guess at how much I used photoshop for my art.

    Spoiler: I didn't.

    I am aiming at buying Corel Painter
    Now that's a reasonable thought. Maybe you're not a bad person after a-

    I would rather use my cracked PS
    Nevermind. Christ, you really have sense no shame.

    not everyone has an income to justify the purchase
    I would never recommend buying an adobe subscription either but while I understand, you don't have the right to talk about what's a justified purchase when you're just blatantly claiming "Yeh its to expensive so i pirate it cuz i need it LEL".
    I've got many people telling me they were going to ask their parents for a CSP license (they decided to follow my advice) for their birthday \ christmas, and I think an art software is way more justifiable than the last call of duty. Seeing a child creating art would probably make parents more proud than watching them play a videogame.

    with Corel I will at least have the potential PS has in custom brushes, painting and such
    very likely so

     if 50$ for a lifetime program with updates is expensive, you might as well reconsider why you need them in the first place
    And while, for that exact price, CSP got new features (most memorable I can think of: animation), SAI got a bunch of nothing. Gonna buy? 

    unless to want to PROFIT from your art, 50$, hell 80$ for a one time buy product is dirty cheap.

    Even more so if you want to profit off your art. People SHOULD profit from their art. If your intention is to be professional then you have no reason to keep art just a hobby for when you're bored enough.
    Otherwise, it's just better to stay on a freeware software that gives the same level of quality and save 50 bucks to spend them on... I don't know. Candies.
    You can't even crack candies.
    Wait, actually you can... uh...

    Hopefully I made myself clear enough this time.
    TakuyaRawr Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2016
    And of course he blocked me before I could answer.
    I wish I didn't spend so much time to elaborate a good reply.
    Insults, skips half of my reply and blocks me right afterwards because he doesn't want to hear valid arguments.
    Sounds like the typical immature SAI user
    Britney Spears That is funny 
    GinToniKIII Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2016
    What a biased and hypocritical response, although it's of no surprise to me, considering none of what you said is a solid statement, but only subjective as you like to say.

    "Oh look, I don't care if you use SAI or not, but if you do, and you bought it and defend it, then you are just a worthless piece of shit that doesn't understand anything in programs. So you BETTER buy another program for 50$+ for no reason, or else you just suck and wasted your money." Just one of your many stances.

    I hope you get the point. Besides, if it's just a journal about why you shouldn't buy SAI with your own OPINIONS, why you defend it as if they are facts? (Rhetorical question by the way.)

    I also hope people won't listen to this idiocy that is what you post and pick by what they need, because SAI is just as perfect as any other program.

    If you consider pirating a dated program with no support whatsoever, just to use around 5 features for "finishing touches", instead of paying up 200$ or more(as if such money is chump change for you), then I shouldn't even bother talking to you. Not to mention your heretical behavior in pirating overpriced stuff as if im the Devil himself, although im surprised how much you show compassion to those who buy Mac. I mean why the fuck should Mac buyers get a cheap SAI if they can afford a monitor which is more expensive then my Cintiq? I think those people can afford every program on the market and they don't give a rat's ass about some cheap, easy to learn program.

    If you can't make a circle in SAI, it's your own stupidity, I have my own easy 5 second solution using only a brush and eraser. Make a guess and/or use your brain on how I did that.

    Everything else I just skipped, I simply can't take biased and hypocrisy to a point where it turns into stupidity, like your comment, so please, spare me the bullshit.
    Not to mention half of which is you twisting my words and misunderstanding what I wrote. Like, brushes, I didn't download them, at all. I only copied the vanilla brushes that came with the program and used the option IN the program to adjust them to my workflow and how I like them... And just with them I made all of my recent 2016 works and im working just fine.

    If you can't use SAI properly, it doesn't mean it's bad. SAI, for it's price, if you have the brains and skill you can easily use it, and as I said, I prefer SAI for it's simplicity that none of your suggested programs have. So yes, you should buy SAI if you don't want to bother with advanced features, clunky controls, or biased idiot's like you, who will try to mop you against the floor for even trying to say that a simple TOOL is great and is worth it's price...

    But I know where this will go, I can already see your raging ass bursting like a flame, as your fingers reaching out to retort, so I will just block you and not bother to continue listening. I gave my two cents on why SAI is great and should be bought. You just can't accept it, simple.
    DrawingGirl4 Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2017  Hobbyist Filmographer

    Why do you defend how ''GOOD'' Sai is like it's a fact? Can't you just say ''Sai is better for me''. No you literally said ''Photoshop, Corel, MS etc. all of them have this unpleasant UI that is unintuitive and clogged up. While SAI doesn't have it.'' 

    You do realize you did'nt win right? Taking pride in forcing to end the conversation and priding the fact  that you had the last life is like priding yourself for talking to a wall. Also I think people should listen to it because the ''SAII IS TEEH BEZT11'' mentality is actually harmful. It encourages monopolies and shames capitilism and acts as if ability is based on a fucking program. I talked to someone I knew and she said that I needed to get Sai while I actually think that's awful advice since the Sai site is sketchy as fuck, people have reported licences not working due to how broken the program can be (In Krita, you have no licence and if there is a major bug IT'S FIXED). Honestly the fact that you are so butthurt proves that you secretly hate Sai or want it to have flaws, because anyone who actually knows how life thrives is through time and compitition. It's why Bill Gates was called out for his shit, it's not that Windows is bad (In fact, it was Windows XP which was everyone's favorite OS at the time) it's that he wanted to create a monopoly and kill Apple. He also tried to kill Linux as well, and while Linux does thrive, he successfully killed it in the public's eye.  People also began to see that with no one to fight, motivation to improve only weakens. Why improve when you are at the top? So because of this, Gates realized that the monopolization of Windows will only lead to it's demise, so he helped repair Apple. He has ironically accomplished his dream by doing that and Windows is now easily the most used OS period.

    I know you love Sai and want the community to thrive and I respect that, but that is just how time and competition works. Back in the day, it was the opposite. OpenCanvas used to be the classic software of choice that everyone used and went gaga over and Sai was the modern, intuitive, feature rich young buck of it's time. Due to just how beautiful Sai compared to outdated OC, people quickly  left OC for that. This is the exact same fucking thing, only this time it's Clip Studio's time to shine. And maybe in like 10 or so years, if CSP gets lazy and a new competition rises, I may switch to that one. And I already feel compition might be coming if Paintstorm includes more drawing features (I doubt it though)

    Yeah I agree, CS6 is dead and people have their reasons, and I do agree him calling you a bad person is harsh ( My friend pirated Sai and that lead to LOADS of amazing art in her gallery, besides Sai is dead lmao) but I still find your reason for buying it hypocritical. You say it's overpriced, you say you don't like it, so rather than buying THIS… which is that oh so cheap price you claim Sai to be, you pirated it. Now, I know AP didnt come out for awhile, but still, if you really wanted to stick it to the man, you look for alternatives. I did that instead of caving into pirating and I am so happy. Also, you claim a program is unintuitive to use yet you PIRATE? Seems hypocritical. Most programs takes 2 to three months to learn (several years if it's Photoshop or Krita levels of complicated) yet I have pirated for several months and I still find it complicated. You have to do a shit ton of coding or software management, extract and arrange files and do a shit ton of research just to make sure it wasn't a fucking virus or info stealer. (I got my info stolen as well as several viruses from being a naive teenager desperate to get Adobe Flash and Sai because popular. And you say this journal is harmful and idiotic? Bitch please, this has helped me far more than the ''Get Sai'' girl.

    The reason why Mac users don't give a rats ass is because they are not going to leave their favorite OS for a fucking program. Tell me, say a random game comes out and you can't play it because someone was dumb enough to only make it Linux compatible. ''Well hurr da duurzz guess I'm going to leave Windows and learn a whole new OS for a video game'' do you know how ridiculous that sounds. Again, Sai is not the FUCKING BIBLE OF ART PROGRAMS!

    I think that is because most people want to make a circle with default CIRCLE TOOLS instead of making a FUCKING BRUSH! 

    ''I like them, they're great'' No one cares. I can do the same in Paintstorm Studio, which is 20$. Check mate motherfucker….

    ''If you can't use Sai properly'' that's as retarded as the ''You suck at the Game Arguement''. You sound just like MasterOfFoxes at this point…. In fact, you are an exact clone of MasterOfFoxes. You attack him personally and whine.

    Also, Corel Painter master Arron Rutton used Sai and found the interface boring and unintuitive. Is he stupid?… (Skip to 27:28 to see his overall thoughts)
    DrawingGirl4 Featured By Owner Edited Dec 2, 2016  Hobbyist Filmographer
    Also, Do you think that the Sai is teh best mentality is similar to Flash? I see the same mentality with many encouraging young animators to get Flash yet Flash is pretty behind and there are many programs that are better (OpenToonz, ToonBoom, Cacani). There is also the fact that the 20 dollar monthly subscription is not worth it for a hobbyist (My Mom bought me a subscription and I never used it, contrary to Photoshop which I use). Although, unlike Sai, I will give Adobe credit that they are at least trying and are actually bringing some pretty cool updates, unlike Sai where it's been 5 YEARS AND STILL NO SAI 2.
    TakuyaRawr Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2016
    Meanwhile, CSP has animation feature.

    I can't really tell, I barely made any animation and I don't have enough knowledge to have an opinion about it.
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